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How to apply ?

Admission requirements for the doctorate

► A Master degree or equivalent degree
► Evidence of an initial research experience such as a master thesis
► A 4-page research proposal
► A doctoral thesis advisor
► Funding


Choosing a research center, an advisor and a research topic
You must first contact research centers of the doctoral school to find a doctorate thesis advisor. Your advisor will help you choose your research topic and work on your research proposal.

In order to be admitted into the PhD program, you must provide proof of funding covering the entire duration of your thesis, which is usually 3 years. 
A possibility is French public doctoral contracts attributed by the doctoral school.(see the application form)

Preparing your application
Once you have chosen your research topic and found a doctorate thesis advisor you must submit your application to the doctoral school, who will examine your application on both academic (motivation, excellence of your academic achievements, etc.) and administrative criteria (required degrees, adequacy of your experience to the proposed research project, etc.).

Application form 2022
EDSEG Application Excel file

Your completed application must be sent via e-mail, in one single PDF document and the Excel file to the school secretary: 

And a hard copy version at : 
Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3
1C, Avenue des Frères Lumière
CS 78242
69372 LYON cedex 08) 
Currently, the hard copy is not required

The application package for the doctoral program of Economics and Business Administration (ED SEG 486) must include the following documents to be examined by the selection committee: 
·      Detailed resume
·      Copy of passport
·      Master's degree with grades for all classes
·      Master's thesis
·      Publications, working papers, if available
·      Research proposal including references
·      Letter from prospective doctoral advisor
·      Agreement letter from the director of the host research center
·      Proof of funding for a 3-year period

Registration unfolds in 2 steps: registration to the doctorate program, and registration to your university.
  • After acceptance by the committee of the doctoral school, you will receive an email from Université de Lyon, with login credentials to the SIGED website to complete your registration to the doctorate program. Once logged into the website you will need to fill an application form and upload documents. When all the sections are filled in, you must validate and send a request. Then, your registration will be completed in just a few clicks and validated by your doctoral thesis advisor, the head of your research center, the doctoral school and your university. 
  • At that stage you must print the online validated document, and start the registration to your university. You will need to go to the ‘Direction des études doctorales’ of your university (either Lyon 1, Lyon 2, Lyon 3, Saint-Etienne, or ENS) to enroll. This is also where you will pay your fees. The university fees are about €380, and about €90 for mandatory health insurance (CVEC certificate). When the process is completed, you will obtain a certificate which marks the beginning of your doctorate, to be completed within 3 years. You can register with your university online. The administrative contact of your university will provide you with the login information to register online. 
Certificate of attendance
After your administrative registration, you need to send a copy of your certificate of attendance to the doctoral school to use SIGED and register to courses.