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Doctoral school ED 486 SEG

Doctorates from Université de Lyon

ED 486 SEG is a doctoral school in economics and business administration. It includes a wide variety of domains such as behavioral economics, economic history, microeconomics, macroeconomics, human resources, marketing, information systems, finance, insurance, strategy, management, health care management. 
The doctorate degree is delivered by Université de Lyon and students are registered with one of its 5 components: 4 universities and 1 stand-alone School. In addition, there is a partnership with a private school. 
In total, more than 100 PhD advisors are affiliated with the doctoral school 
7 research centers
Each research center is specialized but they share 6 domains:
Behaviors and decision making
Entrepreneurship, governance and employment
Numerical transformations and society
Risk management and insurance
Health care
Local policies and the cities

Research centers