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D. Quantitative Research Methods, Measurements and Results: Applications in Innovation and Entrepreneurial Finance Research

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Elisa Ughetto (Politecnico di Torino)


Basic knowledge of linear regression models and of entrepreneurial finance concepts.


The course aims at achieving the following primary learning outcomes: (a) foster the ability
to critically review research with a particular focus on research design and methodological
issues; (b) stimulate the exploration of novel and testable research propositions; (c) offer
useful methodological tools for the preparation of the dissertation and future research.


The course is designed to provide an overview of research design and quantitative
methods prominent in cutting edge research in entrepreneurial finance. To that end, a
selected number of papers will be examined and discussed. Both cross-sectional and
panel data techniques will be highlighted in the examination of selected academic works
from the entrepreneurial finance field.


-3 avril 2019 : 10h - 13h : salle 119 (Manufacture des tabacs)
-3 avril 2019 : 14h - 17h : salle 119 (Manufacture des tabacs)
-4 avril 2019 : 10h - 12h : salle 309 (Manufacture des tabacs)
-4 avril 2019 : 16h - 18h : salle 309 (Manufacture des tabacs)
-5 avril 2019 :   9h - 11h : salle 318 (Manufacture des tabacs)


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