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C. The Process of Publishing Research

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Denise POTOSKY, The Pennsylvania State University, Great Valley School of Graduate Professional Studies, Management Division, Malvern, USA


Students should be involved in a research project that they hope to one day publish in a scholarly journal.
Students should bring the best article they have read that was published in 2021 in a top journal in their field of interest.
Optional: Students can bring a draft research paper of their own (sole- or co-authored).


The Process of Publishing Research: Moving from Research to Manuscript Preparation to Submission to Diffusion of Research :

Knowledge of the research publication process: Students will explore and develop answers to the questions “Why, What, When, Who, How, and Where” with respect to publishing their research
Strategic thinking and skills development: Students will develop a publication plan for their current or anticipated research papers
Critical analysis, knowledge, and skills development: In order to gain insight into the publication process, students will practice reviewing papers from a variety of research designs, different epistemological perspectives, and methodological approaches.



please see the syllabus on the attached file


Tuesday (17-May) and Thursday (19-May) - Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3 - Manufacture des Tabacs 
9h à 12h et de 13h30 à 16h30
Salle 267, Manufacture des Tabacs