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C. Advanced Course in Experimentation. Applications in Finance and Market Experiments

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Erik Theissen


University of Mannheim, Finance Area, L9 1-2, 68131 Mannheim


Basic knowledge of experimental methods and some background in finance will be helpful.


Provide an overview of experimental research in finance and related disciplines, with a focus on market experiments, including 
- methodological issues 
- an overview of classical experiments 
- examples of current research 
Presentations by PhD students may be integrated into the seminar.


Laboratory experiments are an increasingly important research methodology in finance. They allow to address questions that are not amenable to testing with field data. This course provides an overview of the experimental methodology with a focus on market experiments. It discusses methodological issues such as design choice, it familiarizes the students with the most important papers in the literature, discusses current research and, above all, helps students to develop their own research ideas and to convert them to workable experimental designs. 


20 mai 2019 : 10h00-13h00 et 14h00-17h00 (salle 138 Manufacture des tabacs)
22 mai 2019 : 10h00-13h00 et 14h00-17h00 (salle 131 Manufacture des tabacs)


A detailed reading list will be provided during the seminar.