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B. Causal Inference in Empirical Microeconomics [annulé]

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Aliprantis Dionissi


First year statistics or econometrics course.


This course aims to introduce students to recent developments in the field of causal inference within empirical microeconomics.  After the course, students should understand some of the basic recently developed techniques, knowledgeable about key results in the literature, and comfortable learning more technical recent techniques. 


We will start with potential outcomes and program evaluation models, we will then connect these models to economic models of choice, and we will discuss identification strategies throughout.  The course will be organized around the idea that a causal effect is a parameter in a model and that the social scientist’s job is to judge when and how to apply models to learn from data.


11 février 2019  (9h-11h et 15h-17h) annulé 
12 février 2019  (9h-11h et 15h-17h) annulé 
13 février 2019  (9h-11h et 15h-17h) annulé