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B. Advanced course in Experimentation : Neuroscience and Information Technologies

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Dr Pierre-Majorique Léger, HEC Montréal, Tech3Lab & Department of IT, Montréal, Québec, Canada.


Basic knowledge of experimental methods will be helpful


This seminar exposes doctoral students to the apply neuroscience tools and theories in organizational research, and more specifically in information systems and electronic commerce research. The objective is to help students to develop a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of this research area and help them develop their research skills. At the end of this course, students will:
- Understand the main neuroscience methods used in organizational research, and more specifically information system research
- Understand the contribution of applied neuroscience
- Be competent to develop a neuroscience experiment


please, see the syllabus on the attached file


Information du 14/03/22. Les salles se trouvent à l'université Lyon 3, Manufacture des Tabacs
mardi 5 avril :
9h à 12h : SALLE 312
14h à 17h : SALLE 147

et mercredi 6 avril :
9h à 12 h : SALLE122
14h à 17h : SALLE145