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A. Economics and Management of Organizations: An Experimental Emphasis

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Brice Corgnet (EMLyon)
Philippe Jacquard (EMLyon)


1. Acquiring general knowledge about the experimental method.
2. Undertanding the commonalities and differences in terms of how the experimental method is intergrated in the fileds of psychology and economics.
3. Understanding how the experiemental method could be used in for ones own research.


Where do economics and psychology converge and diverge? This course examines this
questions by examining how both fields have used the experimental methods to study (a)
Incentives and Motivation, (b) Social Incentives and Ethical Behavior, and (c) Power and
Leadership. The opening session is jointly taught serves to present the overarching


- 6 avril  2020 :  9h-12h et 13h-16h  - Salle 305 (Manufacture des Tabacs)
- 7 avril  20209h-12h (attention horaire modifié) -  Salle 112 (Manufacture des Tabacs)
- 8 avril  2020 :  13h-16h - Salle 123 (Manufacture des Tabacs)
- 9 avril  2020 :   9h-12h et 13h-16h - Salle 106 (Manufacture des Tabacs)
- 10 avril 2020 :  13h-16h  - Salle 106 (Manufacture des Tabacs)

Informations du 26/03/20 : Ce séminaire ne peut être maintenu à ces dates. Il est reporté au printemps 2021.